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logobeauty therapy


Waxing services

Our specialist wax strip system is used with a lavender wax that is great for all skin types but especially complementing sensitive skin. This system will ensure you will be left with naturally smooth, hairless skin for at least 3-6 weeks. With regular treatments the hair will become finer and softer, and the hair growth will slow down as well as becoming more sparse.

  • £5.00Chin/Lip
  • £7.00Side of face
  • £8.00Brow Shape
  • £11.00Bikini standard
  • £18.00 Advanced bikini
  • £25.00 Brazilian wax
  • £30.00 Hollywood wax
  • £11.00 Under arm
  • £15.00Fore arm
  • £15.00Half leg
  • £25.00Full leg
  • £9.00Nostrils
  • £22.00Chest wax
  • £25.00Back wax
  • £40.00Chest and back wax